The "My Account" feature allows for you to register a free account with Quartex. Your Quartex account may be used with any Quartex based digital repository, not just our digital archive. The my account feature will allow you to bookmark records and images for future viewing and reference and will allow you to save searches so that you may easily repeat that search at a later date. Having a Quartex account, especially if you use digital resources from multiple Quartex repositories, can help you organize your research and allow you to quickly access your bookmarked resources and saved searches.

For a list of organizations with Quartex repositories, check out this List of Quartex Partners.

You may access your account on any page by clicking the person icon that appears in the upper-right of the masthead.

When clicking on this icon you will be given to option to log into an existing account or register a new account for free. Anyone can register a new account by clicking the "Register for free" link and completing the registration form. Note thatrequired fields are indicated by a red asterisk and that passwords must be at least six characters long and contain at least one upper case letter and one number.

In order to complete the registration, you will need to agree to the Terms of Use. Should you wish to review either this document or the privacy policy before completing your registration, please click on the relevant links provided. Please note that your Quartex account is managed by Adam Matthew Digital, not by the Congregational Library & Archives.

After clicking “Registeryou will receive an email with a link to activate your account. This should be done at your earliest convenience as this link will expire 7 days after you submit your registration. You can update any of these details at any time from the "My Profile" page in your account.

My Bookmarks

Having a Quartex account will allow you to bookmark records and individual images for quick and easy retrieval at a later date. The "My Bookmarks" page is the default landing page for your account and will show you all of the records and items which you have bookmarked across all Quartex powered digital repositories. You may filter your bookmarks, using the left-handed filter menu, by the source website and by whether the bookmark is a single item or a whole document.

Bookmarking when Browsing or Searching

You may bookmark records and documents while browsing and searching by clicking on the bookmark icon that appears to the right of the document title. You may remove a bookmark by clicking the bookmark icon a second time.

Bookmarking while Viewing Records

When you are viewing any documents you have the option to either bookmark the whole record or bookmark a single image within the record. To bookmark the whole record, click the "Bookmark resource" button that appears below the image viewer. To bookmark only the current image within a record, click the "Bookmark image" button. You may remove either bookmark by clicking the bookmark buttons a second time.

My Saved Searches

Having a Quartex account will allow you to save any search that your run, including all filters applied to the search, so that you can easily run the search again at a later date. When on your account page, you may access your saved searches by clicking the "My Saved Searches" in the menu bar. You can instantly run any of your saved searches by clicking the "Search" button within any of the saved searches. You may filter your saved searches, using the left-hand filter menu, by the source website for the searches.

Saving Searches

In order to save a search, you must first run a search using the basic or advanced searches or you must apply filters when browsing all records or a collection page. Running any search or applying filters will result in the "Current search criteria" box appearing above the search results. In the upper-right corner of that box will be a "Save search" link. Clicking that link will save the search to your account.

The "My Profile" page of your Quartex account can be used to change your password, update your email address, or update any of the optional and required personal information fields. You can also read the Quartex Privacy Policy by clicking on the "Privacy Policy" link that appears at the bottom of the page.